Oceanside graves on the Marshall Islands

Image  by Mark Edward Harris   |  used with permission  |  previously published at Honolulu Civil Beat


The metaphor of 'vital signs' might bring up hospital images of beeping instruments that show changing numbers and blinking charts.  But the instruments are not the sole source of important information.  The people have their human stories to share.  They have histories, insights and hopes that are often interwoven.  They offer an intelligent and caring perspective that no electro-mechanical instrument can provide.

This website speaks to the usefulness and importance of scientific data and information about the changing climate and earth system.  This page acknowledges that even planetary data does not tell the whole story

"Front lines of global change" was created as a place you may discover that we live in a world where human experiences are rich with insight about the earth, and where local knowledge is vitally important.  It starts as a modest selection of links that can grow over time.

Vital Stories


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