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If there is one number your audience deserves to know, this is it.


Atmospheric CO2.  It's the number that tells listeners, readers and viewers what's actually going on with their planet.  It says what's happening to this rare, life-sustaining planet of ours.  It's also a springboard to conversations that are needed to resolve the current climate crisis.  With updates every day, it does this in near-real time.

But audiences need reporters, writers, announcers and speakers to start giving them the latest CO2 numbers and what it means.  In turn, communications specialists need a reliable source for CO2 updates.  And they need a solid partner to lean on when extra information and support is needed.  CO2.Earth is working to be that partner, the one you go to for the data and communications services that make it easy to add CO2 readings to the work you produce. 

With this aim in mind, this page being developed as a hub for CO2-related information and services for communications specialists.  We suggest the daily CO2 page as the place to start.  This page gives you the latest CO2 reading on the planet, almost the same moment that scientists release it.  More links will be added soon. 

If there is something that stops you form broadcasting CO2, or if you can imagine a new tool, service or enhancement that would enable you to start, please share it in an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mike McGee at 1-604-900-2321.  CO2.Earth should be able to help solve such problems, and reaching out enables us to help you. 

CO2 numbers are already being broadcast by people, community organizations and media corporations.  They are part of market updates, weather reports, community-oriented blogs and local news.  This page will soon link to some pioneering examples.  We hope they inspire communicators like you to keep broadening and extending the reach of CO2 broadcasts.  If you would like to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we're keen to know.  Maybe we'll want to share it with others, if that's okay with you.