2015 Re-Launch

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

~ R. Buckminster Fuller


CO2.Earth launched on November 11, 2015, as a founding member of the new online community of websites with a .earth domain. It marks the next step in the evolution of a long-term project that is raising the visibility of atmospheric CO2 readings as a widely-recognized indicator of planetary change. 

The project started with themostimportantnumber.org in 2007 and morphed into CO2Now.org in 2008.  Now, in 2015, it jumps another level and takes a name that neatly suits its CO2 focus and whole-earth scope.  And more than that, the site's ultimate objective to help expedite a stabilization of atmospheric CO2 nicely dovetails with the .earth creed to "do away with actions that harm earth and its inhabitants."  

CO2.Earth is a new site that was built from the ground up.  The fresh, new design is guided by an aim to expand the site's reach among the global public.  The other aim is to create an engaging global online learning place that people of varying backgrounds connect with and find useful.  To achieve these aims, CO2.Earth is taking these steps:

  • Translation has been added.  Site visitors can view most of the content in 57 languages.
  • The content managment system (the softare the site runs on) is "responsive."  This means people can browse the site on mobile devices, no matter what size.
  • Care has been taken to present site content within a context that enables non-specialists of varying backgrounds to track planetary changes and learn about them at their own pace.
  • The site retains its focus on atmospheric CO2 and enhances its coverage of other indicators of earth system health.
  • Track and learning activities are tied to a motivating social purpose that aligns with the ultimate climate objective of 195 countries to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • CO2.Earth has a new 'sister site' at Show.Earth.  This is a repository for tools and resources that may be used by motivated individuals, environmental educators and climate communicators when engaging others in tracking and learning about changes and stabilization at the planetary level.

CO2.Earth is a new kind of website that takes some bold steps into uncharted territory.  If you spend any time at CO2.Earth, you may notice some imperfections.  Yes, there will be corrections to make, limitations to overcome, and lessons to learn along the way.  But given that humanity's global warming mistake keeps growing worse, waiting for perfection could have disasterous consequences.

The CO2.Earth website is not an inanimate thing that sits somewhere in cyberspace.  It is a medium that connects ordinary people with signals of radical planetary change that orginate from the earth itself, and with signals for transformations that originates from a cross section of people living on earth.  We're in a touch situation, and learning is surely a critical piece that can help us get out of it.




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