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Daily CO2 


A Bellweather Indicator for Planetary Environmental Stability, Global Economic Security & Inter-Generational Sustainability


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This table presents the most up-to-date, daily average reading for atmospheric CO2 on the planet.  Units = parts per million (ppm).  Measurement location = Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii. Source = NOAA-ESRL.  See the tabs below for more info and CO2 readings.



Daily CO2 Is The Number to Watch

It takes just seconds a day to track the leading indicator for the
alignment of human activities with planetary life support systems.


Learn More About Atmospheric CO2 Readings & Stabilization

  • CO2 Records  Track the all-time highs reached by atmospheric CO2 and compare them with the latest CO2 levels.
  • CO2 Q&As  Questions and answers on all thing CO2:  From measurements and tracking to targets and solutions.
  • CO2 Broadcasts  Resource hub for broadcasters, publishers, bloggers and others who are share the CO2 signal with people in their worlds. 



The Daily CO2 page is now a beta web app.  We are making adjustments as needed to ensure that daily CO2 readings are kept up-to-date and accurate. This work is self-funded and brought to you by a small number of volunteers who are promoting widespread sharing and reporting of CO2 levels.  The purpose is to spur conversations and innovations for stabilizing GHGs in the atmosphere and ending the global climate crisis.  



CO2 measurements are made by two independent CO2 monitoring programs (NOAA and Scripps) at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, about 3400 metres above sea level.  Explore the tabs below where you will see daily CO2 charts and related links. 



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