Michael Jackson Earth Song Live (1997)

Michael Jackson mixes care for earth, animals and people in an evocative and dramatic performance of "Earth Song" in Munich, Germany.


 Video Source  YouTube | Kelly Gentili


Earth Song and this performance skims past complex realities and conflicts where humans harm one another and the earth.  They spotlight hope rather than an actual way to change the situation.  But this is performance art, not academic research or environmental policy.

The human responses of the audience and stage actors offer a reminder that people of seemingly opposite circumstances may share a similar desire for peaceful co-existance--a desire that may either be visible at the surface or deeply supressed.  The video is posted here as a high-energy reminder of commonalities that may, if harnessed, fuel actions that can advance progress on the interconnected challenges of earth-human relations, and relations among peoples.

The song "Earth Song" was released November 27, 1995 on Michael Jackson's album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.




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