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OK. What do the following cities and communities have in common?

  • Dove Creek, Colorado
  • London, England
  • Nelson, British Columbia
  • Peterborough, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Victoria, British Columbia

The name of this webpage is a clue.  The page spotlights the examples of different types of media organizations and how they broadcast and publish global CO2 levels for their audiences and readers. 

And so, each city and town in the list is the home of a media station or outlet that has taken the small but important step of adding atmospheric CO2 to the content they broadcast, print and share.  Each place is the home of a media-broadcast innovator which does something that is simple but imporant, and which, so far, very few media outlets have started. 

This page is for media producers, users and advertisers who may be thinking of whether or how to make global CO2 updates a regular part of the media content they generate or consume.  The examples are provided to help you and others visualize what some new and different CO2 media products could look like.  The examples are presented with links to reasons that media outlets have given for putting global CO2 levels on display.  Plus, this page assembles a variety of sources and resources that can be useful for starting and maintaining a new CO2 broadcast.

The CO2 media examples are organized into tabs.  Other CO2.Earth pages of potential interest are listed below. 

  • Daily CO2  A leading source of CO2 data for media broadcasters  
  • CO2 Records   A list of all-time high-levels of CO2 in the atmosphere
  • CO2 for Print   Graphics available for use by newspapers and print media
  • CO2 Q&As   In Progress: A future learning hub for finding info about CO2 levels