CO2.Earth has Launched!


November 13, 2013


CO2.Earth is now live.  I am proud that it is one of the very first websites on the internet with a .earth domain.  The first .earth site to—happened last week.  This week, CO2.Earth is the site that's rolling out, just before .earth domains open for public registration on December 19, 2015. 

Also, just in time for the international climate summit in Paris, CO2.Earth takes over global redistribution of CO2 data from

CO2.Earth is here to track the atmospheric CO2 trend along with you.  Any time you want an update for earth's planetary vital signs, CO2.Earth points to the  latest numbers.

Michael McGee
Producer, CO2.Earth
Vancouver Island, Canada


P.S. Please note that some articles and the set up of CO2 web widgets are still being completed.




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