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November 13, 2015 Launch of (&



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PR Web  November 13, 2015   RELEASE Global public gets new site to track atmospheric CO2


A History of 'Earth’s CO2 Home Page'

December 17, 2007  Michael McGee launched the first atmospheric CO2-focussed website, a simple, one-page html site at

Spring 2008  McGee created the world’s first CO2 web widget that people continue to use worldwide to track and display atmospheric CO2 readings on their websites and blogs.

September 1, 2008   McGee moved “Earth’s CO2 Home Page” and website from to

Since December 17, 2007  McGee has faithfully kept the latest atmospheric CO2 data on display on Earth's CO2 Home Pages and on many hundreds of websites and blogs worldwide with CO2 website widgets.



2015 Launch of


  • helps people of many countries and backgrounds access the biggest indicators for planetary health and sustainability.
  • A powerful translation tool is built into the site to make pages readable in 57 languages.
  • The latest in responsive website technology is used to reach the 45% of the world's people who are connected to the internet with devices of many makes and screen sizes.  About  2015 Launch of


Site Producer Mike McGee


  • Creator of 3 websites that re-post the earth's data and information from scienctific institutions and other credible sources worldwide (2007 to present)
  • Employed by the provincial government in British Columbia (23 years) with policy and communications responsibilities with a transportation licensing tribunal (15 years)
  • Master’s Candidate at Royal Roads University (environmental education and communication)
  • Data and education-related projects (including are part-time, volunteer and operated independently of any employer, university, science institution or other group or organization   Production Team

Website with a Purpose

195 member countries of the United Nations have signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  This agreement includes an ultimate climate objective to stabilize the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere. provides an informal place to track planetary changes as they happen and explore pre-requisites for their stabilization.   CO2 Past, Present, Future   Global Surface Temperature   Track The Trend


UN Paris Climate Talks brings focus to quantified indicators that enable people to sense and know planetary changes for themselves.  Of relevance to UN climate talks in Paris (November 30 - December 11, 2015), the site includes indictors for gauging the degree of progress toward internationally-adopted targets that bring global warming to an end.   COP21 | 2015 Paris Climate Conference



Show.Earth: Show The Trend That You Are Tracking


  • Michael McGee is launching at the same time as as a repository for tools that people and organizations can use to show the planetary trends they are tracking.
  • starts as simply the new “go to” place for CO2 website widgets that people and organizations can embed on their websites and blogs.
  • has been designed with built-in potential to expand its offerings over time.



Logo for .earth Domain

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.earth Domains


  • Registration of .earth domains is tied to a voluntary pledge:

“By registering a domain in the .earth TLD, Registrants voluntarily pledge to become ambassadors for Earth and do away with actions that harm Earth and its inhabitants.”

  • By invitation from Interlink Co. Ltd., the Registry Operator for .earth Top Level Domains (TLDs), and are founding members of an emerging community that share a common domain name and pro-earth pledge.
  • Information about .earth domains, registration, registration terms and conditions (including voluntary pledges) is available at, a website maintained by Interlink.  What’s .earth?  .earth founding member


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